Melodic and chaotic, carried to other realms of thought and sound. Lyrically strong, vocally enchanted, musically captivated. I will do my best to see Becoming Human again as soon as I can. Thank you for a wonderful musical experience.”

— Ralph C. (a listener)

Becoming human ~ Songs of observation, realization & transformation

Vocalist/guitarist/percussionist Marji Zintz fronts Becoming Human, a newly formed trio (and sometimes quartet), which performs music composed by guitarist Jim Kunkel and bassist Mickey Kopchak. They explore and inhabit many genres across the musical spectrum, from folk to jazz, modal to avant-garde, spiritual to classical to Brazilian. They honor the space and each other’s unique and evolving “voice,” creating and holding a fertile ground for conversation, interplay, improvisation, and emotion. 

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If Flora Purim and Pat Matheny had a baby, this is what it would sound like.”

— Fran P. (a listener)

At the first two notes of this wonderful trio's music, I felt immediately like I was in the presence of a beautiful, accepting, enveloping with love, atmosphere, translated into Melody and Harmony... Don't know how to say it better than that and I look forward to being transformed again soon!! Thanks for, well, becoming human. Makes me feel better about my journey towards accepting the fact that I am just that.”

— Musician Marianne Osiel